Thursday, February 28, 2002

I wish I had more knowledge about this whole process, I should look into it more.

Some people's pages are just so beautiful.

Some random thoughts of the day - treating others as you would like to be treated.
It doesn't always get the results that you had hoped for.
I still don't always understand why and wish sometimes that *someone* would give a straight answer. Maybe I should ask a straight question and then, *then*, maybe I'd get a straight answer.

I talked to that guy last night too, he's very...I'm not sure really, but he is. And smart too and fun to talk to.
Did I mention that I'm very good at putting my foot in my mouth?
I feel bad too, well, not as bad as I thought I might, because I like the way that she dealt with this, it was very nice, I much prefer when people are up front and honest and I was (just a little) surprised by the restraint that was shown, I think it means that an understanding and a level of trust has been reached where it's accepted that there is no malicious intent. That's nice, I think it's nice when people are able to reach that level of understanding with each other.

All I did was try and increase the size of the post area and the damned thing disappeared again, which is just damned annoying!
You know the books that I mentioned, I got a different one instead, actually. two of them, one of them is fiction and that was the one, is the one that I'm reading now, thanks to TAMMY (waves to Tammy, just in case she happens to wander over here.
Do you think that everyone that reads blogs is a voyeur? Or just curious?
Back to the books, it's by S.M. Stirling and it's about Nantucket island and how it gets thrust into the past. Very surreal (duh) and well written. I was reading the jacket last night and realized that I knew the woman that edited the book, we drove her to the train after Keith's Buffy opener party in NYC.